the joys of homeschooling

i've been feeling quite encouraged since my last post. things are going great with capri "re-doing" some of her phonics lessons. i've noticed her enjoying it more as well, which makes me one happy mama!

last week, we went off the lesson plan...just a smidge...we were wrapping up our south america study on the amazon rainforest and it was a beautiful day...my wonderful hubby called and said, "hey, it's so nice out, why don't you take the kids to the zoo to the rainforest there." (he's handsome and a smarty too). so we packed up and off we went. the kids had SOOOOO much fun...and i did too! we walked through the rainforest, looking at all of the birds flying around and the beautiful and lush green landscape. capri was super curious about the piranhas since she learned about them in class and got to see one in person...a little scared at first, but once she realized they couldn't nibble on her, she was fine. after that we headed over and walked through wichita zoo's "south america" exhibit. it was such a wonderful learning experience. and a great change of pace to our usually planned out day.

we've decided to go again in a couple weeks when we start our study on austrailia...fun huh!?!

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