we've come a LONG way baby!

upon reviewing our pictures from our recent family vacation to denver, co...i couldn't help but be in awe of what i was seeing. let me back up a few years. when capri came to live with us, she had been through quite a bit, to say the least. for some reason she was terrified of swings. she wouldn't even go near them. so we started praying about this phobia and trying to work with her through her fears. once we could finally get her on a playground, my husband would get on the swing to show her that if daddy did it, so could she. she has gradually moved closer and closer to swings but took years to get on one, and even then, she never smiled or enjoyed it...it was more like she was on them to appease us.

while visiting boulder, we stopped off at a playground for the kids to get some wiggles out while we visited with our friend. i looked over and to my amazement, this is what i found

yep...that's my sweet baby girl, swinging and if this were a video you'd hear...GIGGLING! she had so much fun on that swing.

it's so amazing to me that GOD blesses us, even in the little things.