make room for baby

so with all of the posts about capri, i haven't posted much about the fact that she's about to become a big sister.

favorite capri and gaven moments (even before he's born)

-every morning she sleepily kisses my belly and says, 'bye baby gaven' and then she pretends to give my belly a drink of milk (gulping sounds included). she is very nurturing and we think she will be a great sister, however are a little concerned about some jealousy issues so we are trying to have her take care of her babies for practice, also, we have a bribe...we have told her that when gaven comes, nana is coming too, so this seems to help with the jealousy...now we just have to get nana here in time.

-a couple weeks ago, i was attempting to put on my socks and shoes and capri was watching me with her thumb in her mouth and started cracking up saying over and over, 'mama look funny' apparently i look as odd as i feel when putting on socks and shoes, and i don't recall her offering any assistance in the matter.

-capri thinks that everyone is pregnant, especially nina and grandpa, each time we go to leave their house, she runs over gives them hugs, and then pats their belly's and says, 'bye grampa baby,' 'bye nina baby...' it sure is a good thing they are understanding and don't take offense to this.

the next few weeks hold big changes for our family, we are thanking GOD for providing not one, but two children within the past 6 months. our family is growing by the grace of GOD and we feel so blessed. we will continue to keep you posted on the birth of baby gaven and the stories of his crazy older sister.