Classroom tour...and an attempt at an apology

so, it's been a year...a long and crazy year since this blog received ANY of my attention. i'm so sorry! as i wrote in the last post, we've been grieving normalcy around here. in addition to that, WE MOVED!!! yeah, like packed up everything and hightailed it out of our cozy little home, in our cozy little town (gotta love it when you're living in a small town and your child's biological family decides to drive by your home ALL THE TIME). so, it was time for a change.

now we're all settled into the new place and LOVE it! we increased our living space and got two extra bedrooms in the mix. we're much closer to my hubby's work, so his commute is only a few minutes...which he LOVES!

the kiddos are loving the yard, the neighborhood, and surprisingly, the classroom...which of course is my FAVORITE part of the house. our own little dedicated room in the basement that we've made ours. it receives TONS of light, but the kiddos can't see if their friends are outside playing, which limits distraction. i also have a tiny corner for crafts...gasp! perhaps one day, i'll be able to have a craft day in the near future...you know, when i have tons of time on my hands to eat bonbons and all that jazz.

here are some pics of the new classroom. and i'm gonna try and be better about this whole blog thing and post a home tour soon...cuz those are my favorite things to see on other blogs. But for now...here's a glimpse into...

Canyon Christian Homeschool Classroom
Main portion of classroom...shelving along back wall coming this fall and shelving being added to closet as well. our chalkboard table has been in use for two years now, and we couldn't love it anymore!

Reading Corner...and Baby Boo's play area for her blocks during school

These are full of busy bags for Gracelin Kayt to play with during school...gotta keep that little booger occupied

Saw this saying on Pinterest and had to make one for the classroom, as well as the new bunting, because we didn't want to block out ANY light from our basement window.

Our classroom rules...we implement them often...even on the teacher!

Picked up this desk from a friend's yard sale...one of my favorite finds for the new room...the kiddos LOVE it for their copywork and spelling time.

Bad view of the window, but you get the point. The rocking horse was picked up for a WHOPPING $1 at a yard sale...i threw some paint on it and it keeps Baby Boo occupied and is a great brain break for the big kids too.

More toys for the baby...she takes up the most space in here, and she's not even in school yet.

We implemented the ART wall this year too, to showcase some of the kiddos' work

The main hub of where things happen...we removed the easel from our Melissa and Doug easel and just hung the whiteboard and chalkboards straight onto the wall. Our adjacent guest room (viewed in another post at another time) has a huge chalkboard wall, so the kids head there often to practice writing, or drawing.

Hope you enjoyed the Classroom Tour, and hopefully I can get the rest of the home on here soon. Have a blessed day!