"i biva"

sunglasses have become capri's new best friend. she loves them...indoors and out. the other day we were walking out of the house and a neighbor saw her with her sunglasses on and said, 'she sure does look cute in those glasses' to which i replied, 'yeah, she's quite the diva.' (mistake #1)

capri kept saying 'i biva' over and over. we went to her appointment, i set her on the counter and the lady at the desk said 'hi sweetie, how are you?' capri looked at her, pushed up her sunglasses and said with her chest puffed out...'i biva.' the lady looked perplexed, i then explained that my ever so confident daughter finds herself to be a diva. the lady said, 'well she sure is a diva, check out those glasses.'(mistake #2) capri then lowered her glasses, looked over the top and said, 'hey baby!' oh good grief what have we gotten ourselves into!?!

control freak

i don't know what it is, but i have the hardest time with not being in control. i didn't always used to be like this, don't get me wrong, i love organization, but i never used to, my room was a mess, under my bed...i don't even want to talk about that. but now, i go nuts when my house is out of order, and crazier still when my child isn't in a "controlled" environment.

we went to the zoo today, it was wonderful and quite enjoyable until capri decided she wanted out of her stroller...'i out' she said over and over. finally i gave in and auntie laura pushed the stroller while i chased the 2 year old. it wasn't until about 15 minutes of this that i looked at laura and said, 'i never knew how much of a control freak i am.' laura just looked at me and laughed, apparently she knew.

it is amazing to me that after two years of watching GOD unfold this beautiful package that is 'parenthood,' i am still trying to grab it back from HIM. i need to let go and allow HIM to take capri in HIS arms. HE is guiding her every step, not me.



capri loves paul, and she loves to call him daddy, but a funny thing has happened lately. "daddy" has become "paul." now, i know that all kids go through this whole calling the parents by their name thing, but capri has taken it even further. she only calls him 'paul' when he isn't present or she can't see him.

here are a couple examples: capri is put down for her nap, we hear the pitter patter of little feet, then we hear her at the gate at the top of the stairs, "hi!" if we say nothing, we hear, "PAUL!!!!" this of course puts us in a fit of giggles. she sounds exactly like me when i'm upstairs and i holler down to him. i wouldn't call it yelling, just really loud talking. i know that we don't help the situation by our laughing, but it is so funny to hear.

the other night paul went into the kitchen and asked if i needed anything, i hollered back, "no, i'm good." however, capri needed a drink, so she turns her head toward the kitchen and hollered, "PAUL!!!" from the kitchen we hear, "yes, pri?" to which capri says, "a dink." so ever so obedient daddy/paul comes in with a drink for his little girl with a big smile on his face. capri then looks up at daddy and says, "it daddy." since she can see him, he becomes daddy again - it's her own way of thinking to say the least.