My Hero

Today I saw a precious moment that took my breath away
My husband and our baby girl pausing from their day

He held her in his big strong arms and showed her beauty all around
Then he kissed her precious head and placed her on the ground

I pray that you will always have the bond you share today
And the joy you share in each other will never fade away.

May your daddy always be your hero for he's my hero too
And each day we thank our Heavenly Father for the precious gift of you!



we did it! we finally rid capri of her mullet! we took her to see the world's greatest beautician, kaley, and she worked her magic to rid our baby girl of her she mullet! at first, she was very scared, so i got in the chair with her, showed her my ring, and the cutting began. she looks so grown up now, and has an attitude to go along with it. she loves to show people her hair and say, "i cute!"

after pictures...isn't she cute!?!