i'm tryin'...

i've been trying to post videos on our blog for months and it isn't working. the kids are getting so big and i feel like a failure that i haven't kept this up. so, here is my attempt at starting this up again.

what's happened since our last post...A LOT!!!

capri is growing up before our eyes. she completed "capri" school and is gearing up for kindergarten...kindergarten at home...yep, after months of wrestling with GOD, HE won...i started homeschooling before school ended and now, after much prayer, we are having school wednesday thru saturday (since i'm still working @ the church) and it's going very well. when asked if i have the patience to do this, my answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! but with GOD i do, because HE called me to do this. we're pleased with how quick she's learning and i love seeing the bond grow between the two of us. (she's been having attachment issues over the past year as well, but with prayer, patience and a CHRISTIAN psycologist, we're slowly overcoming this...being adopted comes with it's issues, but we wouldn't have it any other way with our miracle girl).

now for gaven...what a hoot! right now we are in the midst (or rather "mist") of potty training...i would say 75% successful (but the remaining 25% makes me want to throw in the towel!) he's been homeschooling as well and is picking up a lot of what i'm teaching capri. he's quite the entertainer & can sing "tomorrow" in it's entirety, which is pretty impressive at only 2...althought i'm sure his dad would much prefer a more manly song. i have a video that i will try and get on here...it's hilarious.

okay, so now, the plan is to keep this up. i have tons of pictures to post, so i will try and do that over the next few weeks. thanks for being patient!

here's why i do what i do...