we are so blessed

posting, like sleep, is few and far between, but we feel so blessed to have had my mom here for the birth of gaven as well as having my sister come to help me in any way she could. it was wonderful to have them here to share in our joy, and in immense help as things were pretty shaky the first few days with gaven's jaundice and capri's jealousy. they've been gone for a week now, it's been tough, but i'm figuring this juggling thing out.

gaven's officially out of premie clothes and into newborn and capri is becoming her normal self again. we are gearing up for our trip to washington and oregon next month for paul's sister's wedding, our baby shower, and visit with my family...and then it will be back to work again (dreading that immensely).

on may 10th, we will be dedicating both the kids at church, we are ecstatic to not only have a church, but a church family. they too, have been a huge help over the past month and we love them all.

here are some pictures from the past month...