the name game

since we were selected to be cassie's home, we haven't had the fondest feelings toward her name and have always talked about changing it to something that better suits her personality. little did we know that an adoption would take this long and we still have a long way to go before her name can officially be changed.

over the past 18 months, we've called her monkey, dolly, sweetie, pretty much anything and just recently started calling her cassie a little bit more. now, she's learning her name, so we have discussed with her teacher what to do about this since we can't change her name yet. her teacher suggested that we come up with a name for her that sounds similar to hers, but is a name that we love, and that our friends and family can call her as a pet name until it can someday become her real name. if people still call her cassie, it's no big deal, eventually that name will become more like her pet name.

last friday, paul and i went out on a date with the intent to spend time together, but also to come up with a name that we loved and that fit her personality. paul selected her first name, and i selected her middle name. with that being said, we would like to introduce you to...

capri linay

why capri you may ask: paul loves the name capri (as do i), and after some research, we found a myth about capri, italy. the myth says that millions of years ago (i know...it's a myth) the island was connected to a mainland and that through turbulent weather and difficulties, it broke off from the mainland and has been on it's own, working toward italy. cassie is an island, she's gone through much turbulence and we hope to become her secure harbor and that one day we can add sadowski to her name as well.