who you callin' porkchop!?!

i don't handle surprises well. and i really hate waiting to find out the gender of our baby...seriously, when you pee on the stick at the beginning, it should say...it's a __________________ and you're gonna have him/her on ____________@ ____________o'clock....i'm just sayin' life would be TONS easier. so, you can imagine my disappointment when we went for our sonogram 6 weeks ago, only to be told, well, baby doesn't want to show us the goods...ugh...(cue pregnancy hormone breakdown)!

so, we rescheduled...6 LONG weeks later! but, we finally got to see our sweet little acrobat, who decided to really show off and touch her shin to her nose everytime the technician tried to get a profile picture...that's right...it's a girl!!!

after hearing the news, gaven looked at the tech and said, "um, can you do it again, but this time, make it a boy!?!" needless to say, we are all...gaven included...ecstatic!

yesterday, paul and i (FINALLY) came up with baby boo's name...here is the conversation that followed when i told the kiddos..."hey guys, mama and daddy came up with a name for your baby sister" capri: "oh, what is it mama?" me: "we are going to name her gracelin kayt" capri: "oh, that's so pretty, i love it" gaven: (with droopy shoulders) "but, i don't want to call her gracelin, i want to call her 'porkchop.' me: "gaven, you can't call your sister 'porkchop.'" gaven: "nana said she's a porkchop and i want to call her 'porkchop.'" (mental note...nana's on the list!!!) me: "tell you what gaven, maybe 'porkchop' can be your special name for gracelin that only you call her." without missing a beat, he says, "then can i call her pickle head too!?!" I'VE GOT MY HANDS FULL WITH THIS LITTLE MAN!!!

can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going...and all that needs to be done before gracelin gets here, but for now, i'm enjoying my one pink and one blue and all of the entertaining things that they both come up with daily.