so, after nearly a year of telling people she lost a tooth (since she has a cute gap between her upper teeth)...capri finally lost a tooth yesterday! she didn't even cry...just looked up and said, "here it is!" thanks to a little help from nina, the ever so wiggly wedge came right out. had to capture the precious smile. gotta love those little milestones.


fun with nana

what a blast the last two weeks were. having my mama here made my month! there is nothing better than seeing my kids loved on, they seriously ate her up. each morning, nana would come to the bottom of the steps and wake the kids up by "mewing" like a kitten...they would squeal with delight and scream "nana kitty's awake!"

some highlights for the kiddos with their nana...according to capri...

*we liked feeding the turtles cheerios and then getting tucker (our newest shelled friend), cause he's so cute and we love him.

*we loved going to dolci and joe's, and i love the cranky turkey

*we liked going on walks to the neighborhood park and finding bugs and butterflies and seeing chloe (the neighbor's dog...i think)

*oh, and we loved going to kansas city and showing nana my loose tooth (my baby girl's so big!)

so, judging by what capri has to say, i would say overall it was an AWESOME visit from my amazing mama! she had her art show at mead's corner in wichita, ks...it's still going on and we're so proud of all of her work...check it out at itiswrittenonmyheart.blogspot.com...so proud of her as an artist and so thankful for her as my mama...GOD blessed me beyond measure with her and i pray we can live closer to each other soon.