we love fall

woke up to beautiful sunshine and couldn't pass up the opportunity to go out to the arboretum for pictures and a picnic. grab a cup of coffee and get comfy, there's lots of pictures on this one


Cracking up with Capri

Capri LOVES the song "Love Song" by Sarah Barellis...so here is her version of it...i think

Love my daughter, but the kid is not always photogenic...she loves pictures, but never smiles & always squints so we've been working on her technique. it figures the one time i set the camera to "video" on accident, she smiles beautifully, at least we captured the memory...somehow.

Gaven says 'DaDa'

Gaven learned how to say "DaDa" but we've yet to tell him that he looks "special" when he says it...what a hoot