so, we have just about 2 weeks until our scheduled c-section for gracelin kayt, and even though we have a little ways to go, we are still on pins and needles. i've been experiencing WAY more braxton hicks contractions with this pregnancy and yesterday was no exception. last night i was up until well after 2:30 with my sweet little gaven keith who was having nightmares as well as major growing pains...poor little man is gonna be a biggun just like his daddy! i finally got him to fall asleep in his room and climbed into my bed and entered "coma mode." i woke up with a start at 4:10 am to find myself soaked from the waste down...i woke up paul saying, "babe, get up, my water broke!" he, of course, flew out of bed and turned on the light just as i was getting up to walk to the bathroom and realized that, while i was quite damp, something just felt a little "off." i looked at the bed and started laughing, because it wasn't my water that broke, but rather the three year old's who was sacked out in my bed!!! apparently gaven woke up during my "coma mode" and entered his own coma...in my bed...with a very full bladder!!! ugh! never a dull moment!!! needless to say, we will be having naps all around and the washer and dryer are getting quite a workout today! so gross, but you've gotta love the joys of parenting!!! poor gaven keeps coming up and hugging me and saying, 'sorry i did pee in your bed mama, but i do love you' like i could EVER be mad at that!!! he's so stinking...emphasis on the stink...adorable!!!