"i biva"

sunglasses have become capri's new best friend. she loves them...indoors and out. the other day we were walking out of the house and a neighbor saw her with her sunglasses on and said, 'she sure does look cute in those glasses' to which i replied, 'yeah, she's quite the diva.' (mistake #1)

capri kept saying 'i biva' over and over. we went to her appointment, i set her on the counter and the lady at the desk said 'hi sweetie, how are you?' capri looked at her, pushed up her sunglasses and said with her chest puffed out...'i biva.' the lady looked perplexed, i then explained that my ever so confident daughter finds herself to be a diva. the lady said, 'well she sure is a diva, check out those glasses.'(mistake #2) capri then lowered her glasses, looked over the top and said, 'hey baby!' oh good grief what have we gotten ourselves into!?!


Kimberly said...

Oh and the repeating of the comments begins! Good luck with this phase of life. Though most of the things she'll tend to repeat will be mostly funny or cute just look out for when she starts repeating you but totally in the wrong context. Or when they get only part of what you said right! My daughter (youngest) still has a tendency to do this and has said somethings that are totally NOT what I said to other people and then when they are looking at her with shock on their face, she'll say - well, that's what my Mom said. After that, it doesn't seem to matter what I say, I feel like the other person just thinks I'm trying to "cover" what I said when really I'm just trying to get them the truth! It's crazy!

laura said...

let the fun begin!
hey- how did you get that cute little heading on your blog?
my pic looks like a game of tetris on a cell phone :?