Colbie Caillat, Kansas City, & A Cutie

we went to kansas city this weekend to see colbie caillat in concert. capri loved listening to the bubble song, but we were all sad that colbie didn't sing 'capri.' oh well, we will be seeing her again this next friday and have hopes that she will sing it there.

on our trip to kansas city, capri zonked out in the back seat and i had to take some pictures of the sleeping beauty.
(capri sound asleep in the kansas city traffic)

bear made the trip to kansas city too. he even attended the concert and capri was making him dance on daddy and mama's laps. capri treated him like her little baby and was sitting in the back seat of the car giving him drinks from her sippy cup. however, he didn't get to play in the fountain with capri and daddy. (sorry, i didn't have my camera for that...i know...i'm bummed too.)

all in all, it was a great weekend with only a few minor meltdowns...which is pretty good considering we are officially a professional fit thrower! further blogs on being 2 to follow.


The Laverty's said...

Love the pictures! Thought maybe I'd see a picture of Flat Stanley. You'll have to post one so Madison can see how he is doing. So glad you agree to doing it. I'm really excited to hear about Flat Stanley's many adventures with Auntie Lindsay and family!

Kimberly said...

I'm jealous! I want to see Colbie Caillat and that little cutie pie!!! Glad you had a chance to go do something fun as a family! Family time is so precious!
Can't wait to hear more about the meltdowns of your 2 year old!!!