why toss a coin in a fountain when you can pray!

i have several things to be thankful for, but today, i am thankful for a new daycare!!! GOD is so good. we have been trying to get capri into carol's daycare for almost two years. people are always telling us how wonderful this woman is, and by the grace of GOD, three weeks ago, we met her. we were sitting next to her at a seminar for over three hours when we realized who she was, after the seminar, we introduced ourselves...not so subtly. i said, 'i've been praying for you!' normally i introduce myself first but hey, i was excited! so today, i phoned her and she has an opening starting june 1st. hooray!!!

let me tell you how wonderful this woman is...she has fostered SEVERAL children in her 22 years as a foster parent. she adopted a girl twenty years ago (named lindsay), and has TONS of experience with kids in foster care. GOD is so amazing how HE works things out. when we told our current daycare provider the news, she was ecstatic because apparently she doesn't feel like daycare is the right thing for her, so again, a GOD thing. we will keep you posted on capri's many adventures at daycare...we know there will be more to come.

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Kimberly said...

yeah! that's awesome! God is good and on His throne!!!!