eat your heart out martha stewart!!!

so, i've been a very busy girl this weekend...friday night we purchased this table for $25 on craigslist (yes, i talked him down from $30...let's pretend the floor looks clean)
it's a much smaller table than what we currently have in the dining/classroom, but with my short arms and the kiddo's even shorter arms, we were always stretching like mad to hand things to each other...this just makes life easier for all parties involved.

i painted the legs white and top with CHALKBOARD paint!!!! saw this idea on pinterest (the site is of the devil...it consumes my downtime during naptime)
AiN't iT pUrDy!?!
(am i allowed to say that "legally" as a homeschooler? oh well...what's done is done!)

the classroom has now been "sorta" converted from a burgundy/gold/traditional boring dining room to a classy black/white/turquoise "almost" classroom.

i still need to paint the bookshelf and cover the back with a funky scrapbook paper and paint the dresser as well, but this preggo mama ran outta steam.
here is the semi-finished product (check out the bench i reupholstered with an old sheet too...i'm on a roll)


Darcy said...

Good job! Everything looks great! Enjoy your new space!

Lindsay said...

thanks darcy! so far the set up is working really good for us. both kids seem to be doing well not being able to see all of our previous clutter. i think it keeps them focused.