ho hum

i love reading all of the blogs the world has to offer on homeschool, but i've kinda been sick lately at the thought of all of the "picture perfect" ones. as a homeschoolin' mama, i know that days are far from perfect. i know that there are those mornings when my head is in my hands and i'm literally begging GOD to help me teach these little hooligans (which i adore by the way). there are days when disrespect is high and patience is low. days when i question, "am i doing the right thing?" everytime i ask that question, GOD shows me that yes, this is the right path, albeit a difficult one.

lately capri has been struggling with phonics...she knows her stuff, but she wants to fly through it, and since phonics requires her to slow down and sound things out, she gets really frustrated at herself, and has been taking it out on me. being pregnant, i'm definitely feeling more emotional and being bullied by a six year old...yeah, i've had my fair share of tears over the past few weeks. (can you imagine why our BIBLE study has been on respect!?!)

last weekend, my wonderful husband knew i had had a rough week, so he took me and the kiddos on a last minute trip to kansas city...it was so needed and necessary to get out of the classroom and just be a family. it also gave us a chance to talk and me a chance to seek out GOD's will with my phonics phobia (cute huh!?!)

i've been going back and forth on whether or not we should do school through the summer. it's been something that i've researched but hadn't really prayed about. so, i started seeking what HE has planned for our homeschool. i feel led to do school our regular 5 days a week through the end of may, then beginning in june, we will cut down to 3 days a week. we will also be going backwards...crazy huh? we will be reviewing some of the more difficult phonics lessons from the past weeks. capri thrives on repetition, and hopefully this will give her the confidence she needs to get it even more. isn't GOD amazing!?! i seriously don't know how anyone can live without HIM in their life. HE gives me so much peace, even in the chaos of homeschooling.

looking at school over the next few weeks, i'm excited not scared of what we will see happen...it may not be perfect, and i may question my sanity at times, but ultimately i know that i'm doing what HE wants for my kiddos.

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