after only four weeks of homeschooling...capri read her first word today!!!! i shouldn't be as proud as i am, but really, how can i not be!?! she's had such a difficult go of things and to see the lightbulb go on literally takes my breath away. i am SO enjoying homeschooling, sure, there are times it's hard, but i know that i'm doing what's best for them and GOD is giving me patience during school that can only come from HIM. I've loved seeing gaven get excited too. he's learning his colors and he's picking up a lot from the BIBLE stories too. capri can tell you every BIBLE character we've learned about since the day we started...her favorite...malachi!!!

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SO nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It's always nice to meet none denim jumper wearing canvas toting mamas out there! Stay in touch! I will be following you too. We start up again school in a few weeks and I will be blogging a lot about school!

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