manna for moms

i've started doing a "mom" devotional each day while the kiddos have breakfast. it's such an amazing time to fill up my tank before i pour into theirs. at first i was just resourcing from biblegateway.com...which i liked, but then i fell upon an amazing site... called manna for moms. (www.MannaForMoms.com) the author, megan breedlove, has great mom perspective. i feel like she's real and i can also do a search for specific topics which is nice on those hard mornings when the house is a mess, the kids are a mess and i am a mess!

also, i want to report, that homeschool is still going great. i feel like the attachment issues we've been having with capri seem to completely subside during "school." i'm seeing her lightbulb go on right before my eyes, and there's nothing better!!! my relationship with the LORD has never been stronger as i feel that i'm a conduit for HIM when i'm teaching. capri keeps asking more and more about GOD...how cool is that!?!

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