act your age!?!

i don't care how old i am, or the fact that i'm married with children and moved out of my parents house over 12 years ago...it does NOT matter. what does matter!?! MY MOMMY'S FLYING TO KANSAS TONIGHT!!!!!

it's amazing how being a wife and mother i sometimes lose sight of the fact that i'm a daughter, and i need my mama....even at 32, she makes me feel like a little kid.

so, what am i planning to do with my wild mama!?! here's just few of our plans
***i'm gonna talk her ear off...and she's gonna talk mine off.
***we're going to get our hair "did"...cause my roots are freaking me out
***girl's pamper day...complete with pedicure and coffee
***beinets and praline bacon breakfast...mmm bacon
***kingdom comedy club...christian comedy club, it's clean and fun
***the hubby's softball tournament...please GOD let it be under 100 degrees
***we're going to laugh...it's what we do best
***HERE'S MY FAVORITE...putting up her artwork at mead's corner in wichita

i'm so proud of her, not only is she one of my best friend's, but she's a VERY talented artist. if you get a minute, check out her blog www.itiswrittenonmyheart.blogspot.com

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