The Pretty Ballerina

i haven't been much into blogging lately because i am doing something i should have done 18 months ago...i'm scrapping cassie's baby book!!! i've had a really hard time with this, as some of you may know. i didn't know how to go about scrapping the life of a child without my last name...a child, who, for a while there, we thought was only going to be with us for a moment. but the more i thought about it, and prayed about it, the more i realized that however long that moment, i need to embrace it!

so embrace it i am! i have finished three pages so far...and have over 20 in the works...my mom and sisters would be so proud! i've stayed up late, i've looked through scrapbook magazines, and listened to my scrapping c.d.'s (even the one's my husband hates)! i have a ways to go to catch up on where we are today, i feel led to scrap some of the hard times as well, because they make up who she is, with all she's gone through. however, i couldn't wait to share this picture with all of you...it is my favorite picture i've ever had of her...as my mom says, "she oozes with (my) personality."

so thanks to GOD for helping me with this, because, whether a moment or a lifetime...He's helping me scrap...my pretty ballerina!


Bakatari said...

Pretty indead!
Your husband should blog on you behalf(sp?)

Kimberly said...

She isn't just pretty. She is beautiful, glowing with joy! I'm so proud of you for taking that step, as difficult as it is. I SO WISH that I was there to scrap with you!
Love and miss you tons!