court report

so, we had court this morning and all went exceptionally well! the judge changed cassie's case plan from "reintegration with adoption as back up" to "termination with adoption being the intent."

now we wait. we have court currently scheduled in february to officially terminate parental rights, but can request an earlier court date if all of the parties involved have their information gathered and ready to go sooner. we are, however, hoping that cassie's parents will see this as an opportunity to sign over their rights so that they won't lose additional children...this would eliminate a court date all together, so that would be the best!

we are encouraged that things are going in the right direction, but still request your prayers as things can still change. lift up cassie in prayer as her visits with her parents continue between now and court and they can be very stressful and her.

thanks for all of your encouragement and prayer!


Bakatari said...

Good news!

Kimberly said...

PTL! We will continue to keep this whole situation in our prayers, knowing that God's will and timing is perfect!

Bakatari said...