pickin' a punkin!

yesterday was just one of those wonderful days that you want to remember forever...it wasn't perfect, there were fits thrown, coffee spilled, and lots of dirt involved, but it was still wonderful!

it was supposed to rain all day, so we put going to the pumpkin patch on the back burner, but we awoke to a beautiful cloudy day, perfect for pumpkin hunting and picture taking. so we made our way to "papa's pumpkin patch" and found a wagon and hiked back to the patch, by the grace of GOD i didn't see any snakes!!! we got some great pictures, three beautiful pumpkins and family memories to last a lifetime.

cassie was enamored by all of the orange "balls" in the field, but she was too scared to touch them, but, with some coaxing from her daddy, she eventually felt comfortable enough to hold one in her lap while we snapped away taking any and all photos. after picking out our pumpkins, we headed back to pay for them and found three pigs chowing down on corn on the cob...apparently cassie's never seen a live pig before and couldn't stop saying how "ucky" the "dog dog" was. and laughing at the sounds they made...then she was saying "papa" because well, (sorry dad), it kinda sounded like papa when he sleeps!

we headed off to my favorite place, lincoln perk, for a cup of coffee and a sugar cookie for paul, he let cassie have a few bites at least. and then we ended the day with paul and cassie taking a long nap while i went thrift store shopping.

it is amazing to me how just an "average" day can mean so much...two years ago, a day like this would have been hard for paul and me...watching little kids running around while our arms were empty. now, we are so busy chasing after this little punkin' we hardly see the other children anymore. how wonderful is our GOD that HE brings about days like this, when, perfect or not, can take our breath away!?!


Kimberly said...

beautiful baby girl, beautiful story, beautiful family, beautiful memories - simply beautiful. wish i could've went thrift store shopping with you! and by the way, coffee sounds great. your place or mine?

Bakatari said...

Paul must have fit right in with those pigs:}

sugar cookie! and you tell me to act like a man.

Cute pic of C.