Livin' it up in the Living Room

when we walked into the new house, we both fell in love...the living room is super small, but it opens up to the dining and kitchen (both small also) and makes for a great flow on the main floor of the house. coming from OLD Blue, which wasn't an open floor plan at all, we've loved having the openness and that it's super easy to keep tidied.

i wanted to have a happy and blessed theme throughout the living area. i think it's important to have reminders around that we're blessed. we live in such an entitled, bigger and better world, that it's nice to sit back, and surround yourself with things that make you happy and remind you of how truly blessed you are. enjoy the living room tour
please excuse the pictures...i've had to use my cellphone lately since my camera has decided to be 40 kinds of wonky!
cute little sitting area. gaven helped me recover these two chairs before the move...one was free and the other was a whopping $5! the suitcase belonged to BIG daddy's grandpa and the two boxes below house some of my scrapbook supplies.
this picture (from Hobby Lobby) says it all!!!
One of my favorite corners of the house! My globe and new locker just make me smile!!! i found the locker at a local thrift store...inside is NASTY, but i'm hoping with a little elbow grease and a whole lotta LOVE it will be just as cute inside as it is on the outside!
another view of the living area...yep, it's tiny...but it suits our needs
windows and shutters from OLD Blue
i painted this last month...has the lyrics to Blessed By Your Name and #5 for our family of 5
saw this saying on Junk Gypsy and had to put it on my chalkboard
the hub...tried to have it be cute, but no matter what, a hub is a hub. this houses Gracelin's toys to keep her occupied while i cook dinner. 
shutters from OLD Blue
school house painting by my mama, relish the remarkable ride...by me...it's my favorite saying!!!
by the front door i have a thrift store mirror, and favorite pics of the family...and my niece
also by the front door, pictures of the kiddos, and gaven's "family portrait" he drew when he was three
thanks for stopping by! have a BLESSED day!!!


Anonymous said...

I could enjoy a nice chat and a caramel mach here!!! Great job decorating sis! ~Your big (anonymous) sis

MichMacsMusings said...

You're always welcome...the guest room awaits!

Nana McCoy said...

Wouldn't it be so much fun to be there together again. .... hopefully some day. We had soooooo much fun giggling together over the silliest things. Loved it...... cause I love you so much

MichMacsMusings said...

Come now nana! We miss you