2014-2015 Curriculum...(a little late, but i'm cute)

we interrupt this "home tour" to bring you our curriculum decisions...the good, the bad, and the oh my cow it's actually working!!!

gavman is in first grade this year...oh em gee...he's loving the bigger work load, although this week, with the amazing weather, he's had a rough time staying focused on education and more focused on becoming a ninja warrior!!!

1st grade -
*calendar - 100 days and continuing on with his joy journal
*bible - lifekids.tv through our church...we LOVE it!!! about twice a week we also do JESUS calling
*history/earth science/english - easy peasy all in one homeschool....this is the bomb dot com homeschool mama's. if you're looking for an amazing homeschool curriculum, it's been working wonderfully for us...and it's FREE!!!
*phonics - we're continuing with k12 (not online, but the books we purchased on craigslist)
*math - math u see (alpha)
*sight words - sight word notebook word of the day...i found it on pinterest...i'll try and pin it soon for all to see. he was really struggling with sight words last year, and this has been a HUGE blessing.

Pri Pri is in 3rd grade and she's shooting up like a weed...a beautiful weed, of course. she's, so far, loving school (with the exception of math...it's gonna be the death of me...but we keep on keepin' on)

3rd grade -
*calendar - joy journal
*bible - lifekids.tv and JESUS calling (lifekids.tv is TOTALLY free also...and SUPER fun)
*history/earth science/english/reading - easy peasy all in one homeschool
*spelling - i found a master spelling list online and each week she writes the words in her notebook, spells them with magnetic letters, writes them on the chalkboard, spells them while jumping on the trampoline, pretty much ANYTHING to get her to spell, we're doing!!!
*vocabulary - i found another list online of words a 3rd grader should know...she writes them daily and then we test at the end of the week...free and easy people...that's the motto!
*copy work - each week she has a main point and verse of the week from church. she practices writing in her notebook and then we go over the different punctuation that may be involved.
*math - math u see (beta) - this is by far the greatest math program out there. we love it (although capri is NOT a fan at the moment)...she is OBSESSED with Steve Demme...i don't know why, he seems nice and all, but, i mean, REALLY!?! she was having an absolute MELTDOWN yesterday because she didn't pass the test and will have to wait another day before seeing steve again...it wasn't pretty people...snot was flying...mama was doing A LOT of praying...but, HIS mercies are new every morning and today we are back on track to see the oh so entertaining steve tomorrow!

we're 27 days in...alive...and kickin'...i think we are gonna survive another year of homeschoolin'!!!


Nana McCoy said...

I soooooo would love to help you during the crazy delightful busy times. ..... but you are doing a wonderful job. I am so proud of you. .... your children are so blessed to have you as their mama

Michelle said...

Since she loves Steve so much have you let her watch the current lesson more then once?

MichMacsMusings said...

She's allowed to watch it with Gav as a reward if she has a good attitude in the morning. I just told My honey tonight that I should let her watch it two days in a row, to bring it home...we're on the same page chickie!