have you ever had a "oh my goodness, i'm a genius" moment as a mom!?! i NEVER have them...i find myself thinking other moms have them all the time, but my moment came on sunday.

the monkeys are going through the name calling phase...you know, the one where every name ends with 'head' or 'bottom' and starts with silly words like 'pickle'...DRIVES ME WONKY!!! so, (enter genius moment) sunday, i'd had my fill and said, "picklehead, thats funny...but whatever you do...do NOT call me wonderwoman and i won't call you captain awesome!" they laughed, and we moved on.

today, gaven was getting mad at capri because she was touching his lego creation and i heard the magic..."LEAVE ME ALONE WONDERWOMAN!!!" DON'T TOUCH THAT! YOU'RE SUCH A CAPTAIN AWESOME!!!"

genius...pure genius

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