Harvest Blessings (even though it's winter)

(somehow this never posted...so sorry for the delay)...fall is my favorite time of year for photo ops!!! i LOVE it!!! we took the kiddos to papa's pumpkin patch...GREATEST pumpkin patch EVER...and picked out cute little pumpkins for the big kids...and one GREAT big pumpkin for our BIG baby!!! and did we mention it was 70 degrees outside...NICE!!!

LittleMan...BIG POSER
 Capri's perfect little strawberry shaped pumpkin
 Goofy Girl
 this was completely UNPOSED!!! while waiting for me to get my camera ready, Gaven leaned over and kissed his big sister...so glad my camera captured it...and so glad that my littleman loves his big sister...makes my heart sing!!!
 My Harvest Blessings
My Sweet Lil' Punkin...who's not so little anymore!!!

and here's what happened after the picture.....(so thankful for daddy and his muscles...it's pretty hard to rock a 25 lb pumpkin with a 15 lb baby inside...but he had it mastered by the time all was said and done...HEART HIM BUNCHES!!!

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