the secret's out

alright, the secret is out after my husband so eloquently posted on facebook "Just wanted to let you all know that my lady friend will be delivering my love child this summer." seriously, his love child!?! oh my cow, it's a good thing he's cute!!!

it's true, miracle #3 (as i prefer to call him/her) will be arriving in july...it's gonna be a H-O-T summer, but a fun one. it's so amazing to me that after nearly 10 years of trying to have children GOD not only blessed us with one, or two, but now three miracles.

we truly thought we were finished after gaven came into the world, not that we didn't want 20 more just like him, but we felt like we had one boy, one girl, one adopted, and one biological, what more could we ask for!?! don't ask...unless you want GOD to answer! and answer HE did. we found out on thanksgiving weekend that we were expecting again. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO KEEP THIS A SECRET DURING THANKSGIVING!?! you're sorrounded by family and food (that frankly made me horribly nauseated)...and can't tell a soul! but we kept it hush until one of the kids blabbed at daycare that "mom had to go the hospital because she was puking all over and then we heard a heartbeat in her belly!" so, since daycare found out, we decided to tell our family and then the world once i was 12 weeks just to be safe.

so, there you have it...2012 will bring us to full-time homeschooling, mama not working, and miracle #3!!! EEEEEKKKK!!! it's so exciting. alright, this mama has to go take a nap...this little one is tuckering me out!


Kimberly said...

so, so, so excited for you guys! and US!!!!! we get to add another niece or nephew to the family and that is just SO FUN!!!!! God is amazing!

lindamccoy said...

so thankful to the One that loves us the most. Cant wait to hold another miracle. I love your blog!

The Laverty's said...

So exciting! Can't wait for baby #3 to bless our presence!! Now we just need to get your house sold and get you moved this way so we can see your cute tummy and watch your little monkeys grow up before our little eyes. Love you big Sis!!

Darcy said...


Lindsay said...

can't believe how fast it's going too...we find out "pink or blue" on monday, mar 5th...i wanna know NOW!!!!