i bowvow

the secret's out, capri is officially addicted to wheel of fortune. over the past two years, capri as been an avid wheel watcher, she loves to watch 'pat' and claps whenever people solve the puzzle. she enjoys saying 'hi pat' and 'bye pat' (followed by blowing him a kiss) thus we are already concerned about her taste in men. she could care less about vanna white and all of the people on the show...it's all pat...all the time. she wakes up after naps talking about pat so we know she is dreaming about him...yikes!

so, with that being said, let's talk about last weekend. we took a family trip to the zoo and could hear capri in the back seat saying the same thing over and over again. we are always having her repeat things because she is still pretty hard to understand at times. she kept saying, 'i bowvow' when we would have her repeat it, it would come out the exact same way, 'i bowvow.' finally we gave up and said, 'honey, we don't know what word you are saying.' she of course moved on and didn't really speak the hidden word again.

monday evening, while paul was out for devotions, i was sitting with the little wheel watcher and she was completely drooling over pat. one of the contestants, from alabama kept buying vowels, to which capri would look at me and say 'i bowvow." finally it dawned on me...SHE WANTED TO 'BUY A VOWEL'!

does anyone speak two year old? i need an interpreter.

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Auntie Kimberly said...

This should be a very fun visit. Maybe Anah can interpret but then again no one can understand her because she still speaks so darn fast!