this weekend capri decided it was time to become a big girl and start sleeping in her big girl bed. on saturday night, i said let's get ready for bed, she climbed up into her big girl bed, hunkered down, and said, "migh might." i covered her up and she zonked right out. when she woke up on sunday morning, she sat in her room reading books until mommy and daddy woke up. when paul went in to get her she said, 'big bed' 'big girl' 'i big!' we headed off to church and she of course announced to everyone, 'i big!' she was so proud of herself, i of course cried on saturday night realizing that my baby girl is in fact big.

so this morning, i went in to see my sleeping beauty before we went to daycare, at some point during the night, she got out of bed to read, as books were EVERYWHERE! however, i found her standing up next to her bed, with her head on the bed, snoring away and drooling. i was turning to get my camera and she woke up and said, 'i read.' i said 'yes capri, i see that, and did you sleep good?' she looked at me, puffed out her chest and shook her head yes and said with a big grin. "i big mama!"

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Auntie Kimberly said...

I just can't even believe that she is already in her big girl bed!!! We just can't even wait to see you in 3 months!!!