January Update

we are please to say that capri's visits with her bio parents have been cancelled! she will only have one more visit and that will be when they say goodbye to her, after rights are severed. she continues to have visitation with her grandparents until rights are severed, so please keep these visits in your prayers as they are once a month and are not monitored.

we head to court next month for what is still being called a "review." and we are being told that things will continue to drag out as parents are pulling more "legal strings." we feel confident that, although it could take some time, we are still heading in the right direction.

your continued prayers are requested as we endure the journey that GOD has chosen for us.


Bakatari said...

New haircut?

Kimberly said...

She's getting so big!
Love and hugs to you all!

Mich Mac said...

yeah...we've pretty much recovered from mullet #3 and decided that we are just gonna cut it on our own...weekly, so no will notice we're doing it...he he he