I Need A Time Out!

so...we've started using time out with capri because she's starting to test us more and we came to the conclusion that time out would work best for her, and us as well. this weekend was our first time out weekend, and we decided that we were going to stick to our guns and put capri in time out for 1 minute whenever she did something that she wasn't supposed to (i.e. shutting the door to the bathroom and fishing in the toilet...ahh parenting!)

it went something like this...

(door shutting...water splashing...something going kerplunk)

"capri linay...you'd better not be in that bathroom"
(bathroom door is shut...silence from the other side)

"alright young lady, you're going in time out."
(escort 2 year old out of the bathroom, into the kitchen, and place said 2 year old on the mat in front of the sink with her back to the counter...this is THE SPOT designated by us)

"capri, i want you to sit on this time out mat for 1 minute, on your bottom, and i will set the timer. if you get up, we start over again"
(blank stare)

"bottom, mama"

"yes, on your bottom"


"yes, on your bottom"
(this conversation drags on for several minutes)

"okay capri, you may get up, what do you say to mama?"

"soggy, mama"
(i take no offense to this, i know she isn't calling me soggy, at least i don't think she is.)

so, two days, and several episodes from above later...

(door shutting, very quietly...no splashing...Thank GOD)

"capri linay, if you are..."
(mid sentence...door opens, 2 year old comes out, plops down in THE SPOT, and looks at the clock, sighing loudly)

"good girl, you sit there for one minute"
(i begin unloading the dishwasher and look down at THE SPOT...2 year old is scooting across the floor on the time out mat...ON HER BOTTOM)



Kimberly said...

I feel your pain sister! This is just the beginning of the joys and the sorrows of being a parent who disciplines.
Good Luck!
Lots of love - give my adorable and naughty niece hugs and kisses!

Mich Mac said...

how did you keep a straight face? GOD is so punishing me for laughing at you and christy years ago when you were correcting your kiddos!

Mich Mac said...
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