Master Bedroom - rated M for Married ;-)

at our old house, our bedroom always felt cluttered. we were majorly lacking in storage so there were always clothes (usually clean) in storage tubs awaiting a home. at the new house, we each have our own closet...yeah...OUR OWN!!! we are still looking for a dresser that mama can paint and purdify and of course, one can never have enough pillows so that is for sure on the list of wants...in addition to bedding...it's time we fluff it up in here. but otherwise, we are LOVING our new less cluttered room (please note...there's still clutter, but we're cute)

his & her closets...gotta love that!

i love waking up to this picture each morning...and my banner i made on a whim

my messy bedside table...a girl can NEVER have enough books to read

the sign above the bed roughly translated..."wanna make out"...but seeing as how my kiddos can read, i thought i'd spare them the "ewww mom gross!" moment and put it in another language. but seriously....who doesn't wanna make out with the love of their life!?! ;-)

master bath...it's small, but cute!!! 

a side note...if you're looking for an AMAZING devotional for you and your sweetie...our pastor, Craig Groeschel and his ADORABLE wife Amy just wrote "from this day forward - 5 commitments to a fail-proof marriage"...i HIGHLY recommend it and it looks great on the night stand in ANY master bedroom!!!

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Nana McCoy said...

Such a pretty room. ..... and home. Love the way you decorate. ... from the heart. Love you