fun with room make-overs

the past couple weeks i've been putting my extra nesting skills to work and whipping up a bedroom makeover for capri's room and now gaven and gracelin's room. we had to completely switch rooms and it's been quite an undertaking, but it's been so fun and the rewards are worth it. in capri's bedroom, we painted the blue walls brown ($35), installed carpeting ($100), made curtains (got the fabric from a shower curtain on clearance at target for 1.99), and purchased a rug ($0.80 target clearance), pillow ($2 target), and her blanket we purchased at target on clearance for 2.97...for a makeover total of $142.76...here's the pics, (kinda blurry, since i just had my droid with me)
in gaven and gracelin's room, i've been resourcing out the wazzu trying to find the perfect mix of boy and girl...gaven has always had a sports theme, with memorabilia from his daddy's collection...while i love his room, gracelin will be a little on the foo foo girly side, i hope, so i want to have some feminine touches, so we went for a vintage look. here are just a few pics, as we are still adding some finishing touches...more pics to come in the future. (financial breakdown...paint $12, fabric $9, new changing table $50, milk crates for changing table $16...for a grand total of $87...everything else, we've had around the house...or garage (shutters)
(i took some extra fabric and glued it to the bottom of the crib)
(this is the corner to appease daddy...he loved jordan growing up, so we had to incorporate him somewhere.)


jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa said...

Hi from waddleeahchaa.com!

We've been doing a huge remodel on our little 1952 home. Room by room we have gutted, torn down walls and added-on. Never ending work! :)

Your pictures reminded me of our most recent renovation adventures. The past two summers we've been working on the children's rooms just like you.

Lindsay said...

It's fun, but time consuming. I feel like the way we have now is actually the perfect fit for the kiddos, they seem to keep their rooms cleaner! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Hoping to update it soon since the birth of miracle #3.