bye bye two...hi twee!

so on december 1st, our baby turned three. on the eve of her birthday she kept saying, 'bye bye two!' 'hi twee!' she is still telling people that she's two, hey, it's hard to admit that you're getting older, but she's doing great. she looks so big. we keep talking about how she's going to be 3 1/2 when the baby's born and can't believe she'll be a big sister, it's amazing all that GOD has done in the past year.

here are some pictures of our big girl on her birthday...
before going to church and lunch with nina and grandpa

a little grumpy 3 year old
when we got home from her birthday meal, we surprised capri by setting up her new ball pit...she was squealing with glee


Kimberly said...

she's too adorable for words!!! can't believe how much we love that little monkey!!!!!
happy belated birthday, silly girl!!!

Jan said...

We are so thrilled for your sweet little family!! A blessed baby boy is coming your way. What joy!!!

I've known your mom for years and have followed your story with joy!!!

Blessings to you and Merry Christmas!!

Jan Brooks

Lindsay said...

thanks jan. we really appreciate all of the prayers from people over the years. it hasn't been easy at times, but it's part of our testimony, so thank you so much for following our journey

The Laverty's said...

She's soooo big and absolutely adorable. So sad you cannot join us for Christmas but thankful we'll see you in May with the newest addition!