Moving Right Along

just wanted to post real quick to let everyone know how things are going. we started to read capri's file last friday, this is all part of the process of the adoption, although it's hard, there has been much needed information found in that 1000+ page file. i will be going on tuesday to continue reading through everything, so please keep me in your prayers as some of the things literally bring me to tears. it is so hard to see what all she's been through, but at least we know she's going to be ours, and all of that is in her past...THANK YOU GOD!!!

as for capri...she's a total nut and she's been catching up developmentally. still behind some, but making huge progress. she's learning her abc's and her shapes and colors...she's picked all of this up faster than we expected which is encouraging.

hope all is well for you and yours and thanks again for everything!!!

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