what we've been up to

just an update on how the case is progressing. we go to court next week for what is being called a permanency planning/pre-termination trial. basically the parties will go before the judge and present why termination needs to occur. then, it's our understanding, if the judge accepts the reasons, he will set up a termination hearing down the road and rights will be terminated. so we are going in the right direction.

please continue to pray that all parties involved will do what they need to do before court. we've had a lot of feet dragging and had to babysit a few of the people involved, as this is "just another case" to them.

another change this week is capri will be starting a new daycare next week. with great sadness (see picture of capri crying), we said our goodbye's to debbie and roger, capri's daycare providers. they have made a huge impact on capri's life. they have helped so much with encouraging her as well as us. it will be a big adjustment, but we have found a provider that we feel has a heart for children as well. also, noah, another young boy from capri's current daycare, will be attending the new one so as capri says, "my buddy" will be there.

we will continue to keep you all posted as things change. thank you again for your prayers and encouragement.


Kimberly said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture! I see a future DRAMA QUEEN in the making and I'm just as proud as any Auntie could possibly be!!!
Love you!

Capri Linay said...

drama queen indeed! today we had a meeting here at the house and pri didn't get her way, so she looked at me, stopmed her foot and threw herself down on the ground and began literally kicking and screaming...so very two!